This small, shallow bowl is probably a pinch pot or perhaps made with a tabipi base and one coil of clay. The walls are quite thick. Evenly blushed, it was fired outdoors. The interior design is a traditional storm image with clouds, lightening emerging from their tops and rain from their bottoms. The painting is a bit shaky, especially the falling rain lines. I don’t know if this design and the maker’s name are an intentional pun. The rim is painted black with the exterior design consisting of 26 triangles based on this line and pointing downward toward the bottom of the bowl. A dot is placed in each triangle; the triangles vary considerably in shape.

Clearly painted on the bottom is “Stormy Lane Kaye, 2011, age 7” plus a corn clan sign. Stormy Lane is the daughter of Candy Kaye (and thus the sister of Dalton Kaye, 2011-29). The signature and notations were clearly written by Mom. The rest of the painting (with perhaps the exception of the rain clouds and lightening) is in the hand of a child learning a craft. It is very sweet. The 2011 bowl by Stormy Lane and Dalton both have external designs consisting of a series of triangles based on a line and were bought by the same dealer, presumably at the same time. The similarly of external designs chosen by the two children suggest that Momma was giving a lesson.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 11/17/11 on eBay from “dlplscp,” a dealer of Hopi arts. [Receipt on file.]