As expected of a Sikyatki Revival pot, this small pot has the classic thick-above-thin framing lines around the opening and is well painted with stepped, cross-hatched and other typical Hopi-Tewa designs. The band of designs repeats twice such that the same design element appears on opposite sides of the bowl.

The relationship between The Harvey Co., and the Nampeyo family was close. This collection contains pots by Nampeyo and her three daughters with Harvey labels. Bowl 2011-16 carries the label “Made by Nampeyo – Hopi,” an accurate designation. Small bowl 1999-13 by oldest daughter Annie carries the label “From The Hopi Villages.” Bowl 2010-20 is labeled “Made by Nampeyo—Hopi” though it almost certainly was not made by Nampeyo and may be an early pot by middle daughter Nellie. Finally, the bowl cataloged here (2012-04) by youngest daughter Fannie carries the same Harvey label as the Annie pot. Together this subset of four pots attest to the close commercial relationship between The Harvey Co. and the Nampeyo family, thus underscoring that Nampeyo’s “Sikyatki Revival” was rooted in an Anglo market.

Thus, while Fannie bowl 2012-04 is not a “great” Fannie bowl, it completes the subset of Harvey labels applied to pottery by Nampeyo and her three daughters.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 2/26/12 on eBay from Bert Koch of Allen, Texas through a “Best Offer” bid. [receipt on file.]