2012-18 Large Vase with Geometric and Avian Designs

A thin-over-thick solid black framing line encircles the mouth and base of this vase. Just below the top framing band is a band of geometric elements. Pendant is four curvilinear shapes that reach towards the base of the vase and are evenly-spaced around the circumference. These are wide and incorporate additional polychromatic geometric elements for a bit over half their length, then suddenly narrow to a single black line forming a coil. At the lowest point of the arc two black thin forms emerge and bracket an abstract prayer feather.

The design fits the shape of the vessel. Like Nampeyo, Debbie creates tension between the linear band of design at the top and the attached curvilinear elements, though the fine-line forming the ending coil seems visually light compared to the rest of the design. Also, like Nampeyo, Debbie uses undecorated areas to highlight her design.

The pot is fairly evenly blushed though there is one quadrant with darker smudge marks where the manure used for firing touched the surface of the pot.