Tara is 10 years old and is the daughter of Kenneth Lynch, one of Nyla Sahmie’s four sons. Tara’s family recently moved back to Arizona from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Tara formed this pot, but grandmother Nyla smoothed, sanded, polished, painted, and fired it at her home at Hopi. The bowl has four dots on the rim, each framed by two sets of parallel lines. There is a classic thick-above-thin framing line on the exterior below the rim. A side panel of design is repeated eight times: an L-shaped hook encloses a dot. To the left are three parallel lines backing a simple triangle with one side incorporating the right most of the parallel lines and a second side of the triangle incorporated into the framing line. Overall, this miniature bowl has an elegant, sophisticated look, as one would expect of a pot primarily made by the gifted Nyla. The bowl is signed both “Tara Lynch” and “Nyla.”

Purchase History:
Purchased on 10/11/13 at Nyla’s home. [No receipt.]