Chrissy is four years old and is the daughter of Christopher Collateta, one of Nyla Sahmie’s four sons.

Chrissy formed this pot, but grandmother Nyla scraped, sanded, polished, painted, and fired it at her home at Hopi. This pinch pot is both thin and is smoothed inside and out. Seven parallel lines encircle the exterior around the mouth of this tiny bowl. While the lines are clearly hand painted, the start and stop points needed to rotate a yucca brush around the pot are not obvious and none of the seven lines touch another line. It’s a bit of a tour de force for a skilled painter. The interior is simpler: a large red dot is orbited by six black dots. The overall effect is simple and attractive. The bowl is signed with the names “Chrissy” and “Nyla” but it is substantially not the work of a 4-year old.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 10/11/13 at Nyla’s home. [No receipt.]