2014-08 Simple, thick jar with rainbird and cloud designs

This thick-walled jar has a simple, undistinguished monochromatic design. The base is particularly thick with the walls somewhat thinner, leaving a pronounced ledge at the inside juncture.
A thick framing line encircles the neck, with the upper edge of the design forming a second line below. The straight lines in the design are confidently drawn.

What interests me about the jar is the signature: “R. Talashie,” which might the maden name for Rachael Sahmie. There are 19 other Rachael pots in this collection, the largest number for any current potter. I love Rachael’s work.

I will either send Rachael a photograph of 2014-08 or bring it woth me the next time we visit. If it is hers (and not brother Randall’s), it would likely be the oldest pot I have by this fine potter.

On 8/18/14 Rachael received photographs of this pot from me and called me in Houston. The pot is not hers, but was made by her former mother-in-law Rosalie Talashie. From the thinckness of the walls, Rachael thinks this was an early pot of hers. The Talashie and Sahmie familes have a long history together with a member of the Talashie family having helped nurse a member of the Sahmie family a couple of generations back.