This form was outdoor fired, which left a dark residue in pathches on the surface of the skillet, a pattern typical of Navajo pottery. After firing, the sausage and eggs appear to have been painted with acrylic paint and then the pan was coated with strained hot pinion pitch to seal the surface. The handle was broken and glued prior to its purchase by me.

This is not a pot that requires a lot of intellectual discussion. It simply makes me laugh.
I’m not sure why Betty makes these things, except that they are part of a rich Navajo tradition of humor and such items sell well. Perhaps she assumes that a clay fry pan of sausage and eggs means that her family will never be without food, or perhaps she wishes such a high-colesterol diet on tourists. Either way, it’s a hoot.

Purchase History:
The skillet was purchased with an internet bid at a R.G. Munn Auction on 3/26/14.