It seems that large bear bank 2012-15 has given birth to cub 2017-02. My pots do not usually team up together, but these two bears are even cuter together than their considerable individual appeal.

While unsigned, this small bear is unmistakably also by Louise Rose Goodman and has the same stance and features of her much larger companion, except that this smaller version lacks the slot in her back that would qualify her as a bank. The fireclouds on her back and left haunch are particularly appealing. As is typical of traditional Navajo pottery, bear 2017-02 was coated with liquid pinion sap while hot out of the fire.

Ms. Goodman (1937 – 2015) was a member of the Biih Bitoodnii (Deer Spring) clan. She learned pottery making from her sister-in-law, Lorena Bartlett. For additional biographical information, please see the entry for 2012-15.

Purchase History:
Purchased on eBay 3-12-17 from Susan and Doug Abbottof Silver City, New Mexico. Susan wrote: “I have had this piece since the late 1980’s when I owned a southwest gallery in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Her store. “Desert Designs,” was originally in Pleasanton, CA and moved to Silver City, NM in 1996.