Hopi, Sikyatki Revival wide-shouldered shape, monochromatic eagle-feather design, by Mark Tahbo (1991). The balanced shape, beautiful finish, blushed firing, unique design, and careful but not perfect painting make this an exceptional vessel.

Mark Tahbo is the great-grandson of Grace Chapella (1991-10, 1993-01, and 2010-22); grandson of Alma Chapella Tahbo (1989-07), nephew of Deanna Tahbo (2001-03), brother of Dianna Tahbo (1992-06) and a cousin of Laura Chapella (1993-07). Mark was born in 1958. For a picture of Mark and comments about his creating pots, see (Dillingham, 1994:8).

For additional information about Grace Chapella and Mark Tahbo, see Trimble (1987:95). For a comment about Mark Tahbo and Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo, see Trimble (1987:100 and 13).For other pottery by Mark, see the Artist List.

Purchase History:
I first saw this pot at the Museum of Northern Arizona store in Flagstaff, May 1991. Several months later I began paying monthly installments on the piece. Fran Jewell made a couple of contributions to the process for Christmas 1991. With Fran’s health fading, I decided to pay the balance of the cost so he could see and enjoy his gift. Final payment was in February, 1992.The pot went to live with Fran for a while.