Miniature Hopi seed jar with star monochromatic star design, by Donnella Tom Nampeyo, 1979. Donnella is the daughter of Jean Sahme and thus five generations removed from “Old Lady” Nampeyo. Donnella made this small pot when she was 7 years old, I suppose with the help of her mom. For a Donella pot made when she was 26 years old, see 1998-09. Seedpot 2006-13 is a more substantial piece and was made when Donella was about 33 years old. Like pot 1994-17, pot 1994-18 was originally part of a 1983 Nampeyo show at Adobe Gallery (1983:11, #42) and was resold by the collector to the gallery. For information about the origins of the exhibit, see the “Note” at the end of the catalogue entry for pot 2020-18.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 1/2/95.