The painting is not perfect and was done in the mid-1980s, when Mark (who was about 26 years old) had not fully developed his talent. It is a classic shape and spirited rendition of Grace Chapella’s iconic design, itself derived from an old Sikyatki design. For a butterfly jar by Grace that is part of this collection, see 2010-22). For Mark’s interpretation of the meaning of this design, see the catalog entry for the Grace pot.

Commenting on another Mark Tahbo made about the same time as 1995-01, Alan Hayes wrote: “Mark’s work in more recent years is quite different. It features more mechanically precise painting. The freer style on this jar has a different, warmer appeal and lets you feel a closer connection with the artist’s hand.” I agree.

For a similar pot by Mark, done in a more casusal “folk” style, see 1997-08. For another similar pot by Mark’s sister Dianna, see 1992-06.

For other pots with butterfly designs, see the Category List.

Purchase History:
Purchased from Deborah Neal for Rick’s sales price. Rick Dillingham sold this pot to Rita Neal several years before she died.