1999-06 Small Butterfly Pot

Object ID:

Alma Chapella Tahbo

Bear Clan, Tewa

2.25" h x 3.5" w

Small pot with a design of two butterflies and two flowers, Alma Tahbo.

Incompletely marked Alma Tahbo after firing using a green pen. These are folksy, spontaneous butterflies, in contrast to the elegant, controlled figures on the Hisi pot (1999-05). For another pot by Alma, see 1989-07. Alma is the daughter of Grace Chapella (1993-01 and 1991-10) and the mother of Deanna Tahbo Lomahquanu (2001-03).

Purchase History:
Purchased on 4/14/99 on eBay from Dennis Underwood. There was no provenance available on this pot, except that it was purchased at a multiple estate sale.