Broad-shouldered seed pot with a central design of a hand with dragon flies, geometric designs, migration/water swirls, red and black dots and stippling, finely-patterned fire blushing,, firing burn on the bottom by Dee Setalla. Human hand designs are a common symbol in the rock art that decorates many of the cliffs at Hopi and the southwest generally and were used on Sikyatki Polychrome pottery also. (See Brody, Beauty From The Earth, plate 14, Fewkes Prehistoric Hopi Pottery, p. 55 and Struever, Painted Perfection, p. 114.) For a bowl with a Sikyatki hand design by Rachel Sahmie, see 2009-06. As part of this collection, the image of a hand also represents the skill of the many hands that formed the beauty of these vessels and reflects the words of Byrd Baylor:

“They say the clay remembers the hands that made it.” —Byrd Baylor (1972:24) and quoted in Kramer (1996:145).

The form of pot 2002-07 is incredibly shallow and broad-shouldered, a very difficult form to construct of wet clay coils. Dee has taken a fancy to this form and design and has made a series of pot similar to 2002-07 recently.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 7/14/02 on eBay from Clay South, of Cottonwood, AZ.