This yellow-ware pot has two matching panels of geometric shapes. The painting is monochromatic, except for two matching designs of isometric triangles that are painted red. The bottom of the bowl is curved. Like classic Polacca C ware (see 1994-14), the lip of this pot is painted red, a holdover from the earlier tradition. Like the red on 1993-06, the red paint on 2003-10 is “muddy,” which indicates that this is a Sikyatki Revival Polychrome “Style A” pot dating from about 1903 to 1930. (See Wyckoff, 1983:73-74).

While no tie to Nampeyo is implied, the design elements below the framing lines remind me of the “Pure Abstraction” design found on bowl 2006-11. The elements on jar 2003-10 are balanced, but the absence of a lower framing line gives the design a disjointed feeling, as with the Nampeyo bowl.

Other than the huge 1904-1907 Nampeyo pot that was reproduced by Rachel Sahmie (see 2007-15) and a recent Randall Sahmie pot (2008-14), pot 2003-10 is the only Sikyatki Revival pot I have seen with a red lip. The red lip would suggest that the pot was made close to the beginning of the 20th century.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 6/12/03 on eBay from Joe Tuzzolino. He had purchased the pot five years earlier from a Los Angeles collector, who probably purchased it near his home.