The plate has an image of a bird (or perhaps a deer) with a red stippled head. The whimsy of the creature is endearing, perhaps inspiring Dr. Seuss. Although small and simply conceived, the bowl is well made, the creature self-satisfied and delightful, and the use of unpainted surface to set off the design from the thick black rim is striking. I suspect that “Polacca” on the base of the dish simply refers to the village on First Mesa, though Polacca is also a family name. Pearl may be related to Laura Tomosie, (see 2005-15), but I have no specific knowledge of Pearl.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 7/26/06 on eBay. The seller, Chris, was selling the pot for his father, a professional auctioneer, who retrieved it from a March 2006 estate auction in Tulsa, OK. Records maintained by the previous owner indicate it was purchased in 1974.