Monochromatic curvilinear elements encircle the pot, with one area incorporating three dots and a triangle. Ruth is the daughter of Rachael Namingha Nampeyo (1903–1985) (2012-20) and the sister of Priscilla (see 1991-05, 1993-03, and 2003-03), Lillian (see 2002-01), Eleanor Lucas (see 2009-23), and Dextra (see 1998-03), but has never made much pottery. Her daughter, Darlene Vigil (see 1988-02, 1989-02) learned pottery from her aunt Dextra.

This is the only pot by Ruth I have seen: not all members of the Nampeyo family are potters.  In this Ruth is like her niece, Janelle Lucas (2019-22).

Rick Dillingham, in his book Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery, quotes Ruth extensively:

“First of all I do some pottery but all these years I was working for the federal government —twenty-seven years— and I didn’t get back into it [pottery].  My other sisters got instruction from my mom, but I was always at work….I never had time…

I did do a little [pottery] work when I worked [for the government].  I never did the painting.  I helped my mom mold, and she would paint them….(1994:52).”

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Purchased on 6/29/08 on eBay.