Fewkes (1973:44, 54 facing page) excavated a number of bowls at Sikyatki that depict the human hand; this image might have inspired Rachel’s work. [For a modern photograph of this Sikyatki bowl, see S. and H. Koenig 1976:107.] Another Jeddito bowl with a hand image is at the Field Museum, Chicago. [For a photograph, see Sekaquaptewa (2006:47).]

The design of 2009-06 is particularly elegant: the tilt of the hand, the inclusion of stepped rain cloud designs on the arm and fingers, the beautiful red stippled background, and red wrist all work together to create a delicate and yet energized effect. The two external glyphs are also not static; the horizontal prayer tassels (patois) pull the eye around the bowl and the checkered fret with stepped black rain elements, which pull the eye down, form a negative, inverted rain cloud image. Moreover, the everted rim allows the viewer to see both the interior and much of the exterior design with a single glance. With “moisture” imagery both internal and external to the bowl, this is a powerful and yet graceful design.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 4/24/09 at Rachael’s home, First Mesa.