Sikyatki Revival style bird decoration on interior. Anita Polacca is pictured in Plateau, (Gaede 1977:21). See also, pot 1991-11. In July 1995, I visited Anita in her home in middle village and showed her the boots I had made with her bird design from 1960-01 and offered her an artist’s fee. Among other things, I learned that her mother was Violet Huma, a well-known Hopi potter. For pots by Violet Huma, see 2004-01 and 2013-15. Bill and I visited her in her home on 4/1/13 and, 84 years old, she was still making pottery. Six months later, when I returned to Hopi with Mike McMullen, Anita’s family had moved her off the mesa into her grandson’s home in Polacca because she was forgetting to take her medicine. She had some pottery to sell, but it was clearly the end of a long and productive career. We had a gentle conversation.

Purchase History:
Purchased in July 1960 from Anita (age 31) at Schomovi, as a gift to my parents.