1980-02 Santa Clara Carved Red Melon Bowl

Object ID:

Angela Baca

Santa Clara (?)

3.875" h X 5.75" w

Santa Clara carved red-ware melon bowl, Angela Baca (born 1927). Ms. Baca is the daughter of Severa Tofoya and all four of her children are potters. See Dillingham (1994:166) for Ms Baca’s picture, comments about potting, and a picture of a red-ware melon bowl. I asked Ms Baca to make this bowl for me during a conversation at her home, July 1980. For a similar bowl, see LeFree (1975:figure 12).

Purchase History:
Item was commissioned by the artist during a conversation at her home, in July 1980. The bowl was purchased and delivered at her booth at the Indian Market, August 1980.