Hopi jar, white kaolin slip with Sikyatki design by Joy Navasie, “Frog Woman.” Note that the four quadrants of the pot are painted with two designs, one more densely filling the surface than the other does. The pot was given by Navasie to Naomi Fredericks, the wife of Chief White Bear Fredericks of Polacca as a gift in 1960 when Joy was about 41. The kaolin slip used by the Navasie family before 1970 has a gentler, more natural look than the stark white slip the family now uses (see 1991-06 and 1994-01). For a yellow ware pot by her mother Paqua Naha, see 2001-05. For a white slipped pot by Donna Robertson, Joy’s granddaughter, see 1994-01. For a picture of Joy and her comments about pottery making, see Dillingham (1994:62). For an earlier picture of Joy with some of her pots, see the inside front cover of Arizona Highways (1974). A second picture (and a Benton Collection pot with design elements close to the ones on 1992-09) is in Arnold (1982:605 and 598). Like Marcella Kahe (1989-01 and 1992-07), Joy Navasi was named an “Arizona Living Treasure” in 1990.

For another pot that had been given to the Fredericks and was later sold to a dealer, see the Nellie Nampeyo pot, 1993-02.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 5/20/92 at Garland’s Indian Jewelry in Sedona.