Hopi-Tewa jar with polychromatic abstract bird design; two framing lines without breaks. Signed “Daisy.” (Daisy Nampeyo.) Since Daisy did not indicate her last name, I believe this to be one of her older pots, perhaps made before the 1950s (?). Still older are pots 2007-07 and 2007-08, made in the 1930s and signed with her tobacco leaf identification mark. See also, 1994-08. Pot 2007-02 is also by Daisy, but done in a Zuni style using Zuni clay. For pots she made with family members, see 1989-06 and 1994-03.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 12/10/00 on eBay from Roland Jacopetti of Santa Rosa, CA.