Hopi-Tewa wall plaque (convex), polychrome design with four framing lines, red “half moon” with a geometric bird filling the lower three-quarters of the design, unsigned. ca 1930s (?). I think this is an extraordinary design executed with exceptional skill. For example, the three smaller framing bands are closely but evenly spaced.

The overall design has similar control of detail, has great energy and motion and yet is centered: to my eye characteristics of great Hopi pottery. The overall image reminds me of a bird that is both fully developed and about to break free of its egg casing.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 7/18/01 on eBay from Robert Ray of Cowboy Traders, in Birmingham, MS, who bought this plaque “from a cowboy dealer in Abilene TX who had bought a small collection from someone in Idaho, this is one of the better items…”