Juanita is featured on a videotape about making Hopi pottery, but by the time I met her in 1994, she was already 79 years old and past her artistic prime. For a biography, see Collins (1977:12).

This bowl was part of a lot of Juanita pottery sold at a general auction and then resold on eBay 18 months later. Apparently, it was originally part of the inventory of the Heard Museum gift shop. When I last saw Juanita in May 2002, she was sitting next to her home in Hano plaza and did not have much memory—but she was as kind and gentle as ever. She died in 2006. This bowl is of higher quality than the pottery I had earlier bought from Juanita (see 1994-10 and 1999-09b) and is probably a bit older.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 4/4/04 on eBay from Michael Murfin, Portland, OR.