Small and shallow Hopi dish with Qoqolo katsina face. Like 2004-02, this pot is of finer quality than the pieces fired outdoors by Juanita in when I visited her (see 1994-10; see 1999-09b for kiln-fired pieces). When we visited Hano in January 2005, Juanita was living in a retirement home and was no longer living on the plaza. She died in 2006.

See also 2004-02, which represents Juanita’s older and finer work. A shallow plaque by Terri Lynn Honani (1995-05), a canteen by Karen Charlie purchased at the same time (1995-06), and the Jake Koopee bowl (2004-08) also contain images of the Qoqolo katsina.

See “Kachina Design” in the Category List for a complete listing of pots in this collection decorated with kachina images.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 11/18/04 on eBay from Pat Nessire, Tucson, AZ.