This seedpot has four square red designs set at an angle so that one point the square is cut off by the circular mouth of the jar. Set into each red design, and reflecting its overall shape, is a house-like image outlined and drawn in black paint. The overall red design forms a square on the upper body of the jar, which, though graceful, would be somewhat static except for four pointed black designs that run along the outer edge of each of the four sides of the overall design. These black designs, in turn, incorporate a circular element, creating an impression similar to the Zuni rainbird design on old Polacca pots. Between each of the four red elements, similar black circular motifs connect the mouth of the jar to the framing black design. Like her great-great grandmother, Rachel creates designs with tension between linear and curvilinear elements, giving her pots both elegance and energy.

Purchase History:
Like 2008-16, Rachel Sahmie gave me this pot as a gift after her workshop at the University of Houston – Clear Lake, October 30-31, 2008.