2009-13 Seedpot – Monochromatic Batwing Design

As with classic Nampeyo pots, the design of this jar is dynamic because of internal tensions in the design. The bat wing design both thrusts down and swings up. The pointed and curved black elements of design, which pull the eye down, counterbalance the upward thrust of the wing tips. The linear black designs between the curved shapes also thrust down, but their lighter, open linearity contradicts the solid curved elements. This is a version of the Nampeyo family batwing design used by (among others) Fannie (see 2008-01 and 2009-14) and James G. Nampeyo (see 1992-08).

Irene was one of the “fine potters” whose work was recognized in a 1936 article about Hopi pottery (Bartlett, 1936:96).

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