The design on this bowl is a Nampeyo family standard. Elva’s sister Leah (1991-04) and cousin Melda (2009-05) have bowls in this collection using the same motif. Bowl 2010-14 is beautifully formed and has confident and elegant painting. The collection contains another bowl by Elva (2001-06), but bowl 2010-14 is more representative of the excellent work Elva could produce.

Purchase History:
Purchased on 7/26/10 on eBay from Andrea Wessel (Blue Moon Antique Mall) of Pensacola, Florida. She writes that “The pot came from an estate in Pensacola, however the family lived in CA & NY and traveled the world during their lifetime. He was a survivor of Iwo Jima. They liked Native American items. The pottery the had acquired over the years included Elva Nampeyo, Maria Martinez, Frieda Poleahla, and Carmelita Dunlap. They also had a lot of RC Gorman signed/numbered prints. That’s about it for knowing about the pot.”