3.5” h X 2.375” w —shaker with more-centered shaker holes.
3.438” h X 2.438 w —shaker with less-centered shaker holes.

These shakers have a graceful and useful form with good-sized fill holes and even blushing. Such utilitarian pieces have been made by the Hopi for quick sale to tourists for at least 100 years, For an example by Nampeyo, see 2011-32. Hayes and Blom (1998:16-17) provide examples of salt and peper shakers from a range of pueblos, including Hopi.

Around the base of each shaker in the 2014-16 pair are four 1.25” high panels bordered by three framing lines, the middle line about 0.25” thick with the outer lines thin. Alternating in these panels are small images of two different katchinas depicted from the waist up. I am not yet sure of the identity of these katchinas, but using solid black paint, Nyla has captured detailed and engaging portraits of these spirit beings.

Painting minature portraits is no small feat and testifies that, though these may be tourist kitch, they also demonstrate the skill of a major potter.

Purchase History:
These shakers were purchased on Ebay on 8/3/14 from Clay South of Cottonwood Arizona. I have since seen another set by Nyla so I assume they were made recently.